Friday, 30 May 2008

Friday night visits

Poor Hashimoto-san was sick for a few weeks.. Choon and I dropped by the humble couple's place to visit poor Hashimoto-san who were like our "Papa" when we were in Hiroshima.. Junko san was our "A-ne" though.. Poor Hashimoto-san lost alot of weight.. Hope he's fine now.. Miss the cute couple.. :D This was the last time I saw them before I returned to Singapore.. I'm so sorry I never met them again before leaving..

Friday's entertainment for me and Tat-chan has always been movies and videos on his computer screen.. Tat-chan was really hooked onto heroes.. Dinner was cooked by Moi.. I tried looking for the recipe again.. But unfortunately, I can't find it anymore.. :( So sad... But oh well, maybe I can cook something better soon..

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