Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Another dinner with Sakata-san

Having a lunch treat from the HR gals was good.. And having a dinner treat was a cheer on top for my day!Sakata-san wanted to eat at Yayoiken again, where they served small portions of rice.. Free refills are available, which is a really smart way not to waste rice for those customers who don't finish their portion of dinner.. We both have hamburg steaks, mine was cheese as seen below while sakata-san had Japanese style... Everything was nice as usual, and we proceeded to Excelsior Cafe for coffee after our nice dinner! :) Here we have our green tea cheesecake! Well, mine in particular.. Sakata-san had a cup of coffee, while I didn't get a drink.. I got a cake, so I guess I shldn't order more than I should.. :P

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