Sunday, 1 June 2008

Chronicles of Narnia II

After buying my small little silicon cupcake moulds, it was possible to bake stuff other than bread and cookies at Tat-chan's place.. But limited on my resources, it was kinda difficult to bake without my essentials.. Such as baking powder, baking soda and etc.. So I made tarts! No baking soda needed, plus, Tat-chan had a stash of baking powder in his cabinet! So I cooked some custards, decorated with some stuff I have such as 粒餡 bean paste, canned mangoes, premium blueberry jam which Nozomi-chan gave.. And it formed the topping for my little tarts! :D

We proceeded to watch Chronicles of Narnia, and to save cost, we got our drinks from the supermarket.. Not forgetting the chips too!
Guess wat we found? A new autocashier machine! People can serve themselves if the queues are too long! So here, we scan our goods and pay by cards.. Isn't that amazing?
As you can see at the bottom, there are plastic bag for bagging the groceries on our own.. Needs integrity of the people for this to work though..
Movie was over, and I'm so disappointed with Narnia 2... The prince was handsome, too handsome for 'Queen Susan' though.. And the lion came too late.. Ridiculous.. Why would he wait and hide so long for Narnians to die before surfacing to safe everyone? Bleahz.. But Japan filmed Hana Yori Danko, which is 'Liu Xing Hua Yuan'.. And I love Rei!! Plus, they found a handsome guy for this show!!! Dunno who he is though..
Tat-chan brought me for dinner after sending me home and collecting some stuff from his friend.. I dozed off while waiting though.. And here we have my first time Yakiniku.. I could have sworn I regretted trying this only now.. But I'm not surprised... Cuz its so expensive.. 和牛, also known as Japanese beef, a grade lower than the famous Kobe beef, but its still really good..

I'm so glad Tat-chan intro-ed this to me! The beef is soft, tender so good...

The best part? The たれwhich we dip the meat in after cooking our meat on the grill provided.. Its different from Korean BBQ cuz it uses a wire mesh and the fats of the meat drops into the fire below.. Kind of like our Charcoal BBQ, but it uses fire and its indoor...
There is also my first Bim Bim Ba.. dun really like it though since I'm not that much a fan of Kimchi.. So I dun think its as good as Yakiniku..Yakiniku is still one of the best stuff I ate in Japan.. So be sure to try it the next time you have a chance to go Japan!! I think Singapore has it too.. not sure where though..


ladyironchef said...

i think at this rate, you won't be able to finish forever. haha. now dec liao you still posting on yr june one. den all the singapore post how? lol

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

yahlor.. evan told me to write abit on now also... haha.. but i lazy to grab my usb cable