Saturday, 2 February 2008

Feb 2nd(Part 1): Supermarket hunt!

After repeated attempts to rotate this photo, I gave up... but I wanted to show every one the flowers I saw on the morning Choon and I went Supermarket touring.. These flowers cost $2 perpot... Not that ex right? I'm quite sure its the weather in Hiroshima that enables such beautiful blooms in flowers...

After touring a few supermarkets, we found Hiroshima's cheapest bread@

So Choon Fei did not hesitate in his purchase! He bought 4 four loaves at a go! Its a good buy for Choon since two slices are full enough and he doesn't care about food so long it fills him, so he can eat this forever without feeling sick... So one loave lasts him for 3 meals.. 3 meals for a dollar plus? Way to go with saving man!
I was surprised with the way shortening was packaged.. And V-day was around the corner, there is this little V-day corner in every supermarkets and this is for Jusco..

Although the Japanese are well known for their packaging, I was stilled awe-ed by all these wrappings...

Look at this.. ain't it cute? Its for gals to make their own chocolate for the guys they like.. Here, guys would receive V-day gifts from girls.. usually, it would be chocolate...
This is a chocolate fondue set.. Its about $20.. I was so tempted to get this for Dave, but I realise If I did, it was more of getting it for myself.. :P

V-day chocolates.... Just for 'him'

If you are giving it as a present for declaration of love, better pray you get something from him on March 14th, White Day.. It means your love is accepted.. But none the less, guys would still give becasue the Japanese tradition seems to be about the exchange of gifts...

After our bread scouting at Jusco, we made a trip ack to Mamachen, a shop we passed by earlier on to get th cheapest rice we saw among all the shop.. This sack is 10kg and its 2500 yen.. So that's like $34? I forgot how much rice costs in Singapore, So I'm not sure if this is cheap.. Haha..

Look at all the groceries we have!! Choon finally cycled at my pace thanks to the rice!

I wasn't fast though.. CUz I had bags of groceries, swerving left and right...
Choon and I got lazy.. So we decided not to go for Japanese lessons and here we have our lunch!!!! This is more appetising than it looks ok? Choon didn't catch a nice pic of my food.. :( So we ate lunch in his room..
Think I need more!! Take Choon's

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