Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 3: Arrival on the Island and the cute deers!

Choon and I were snacking away on the Ferry even when it landed.. We were enjoying the view so much we didn't wanna move.. Besides.. we cycled in the cold for 25km!!! So the Ferry attendant chased us off the ferry since the Japanese are well known for their punctuality.. From the sheltered port, we could see Hiroshima from the little island..And yes, that is Hiroshima (Er-hem.. not Hokkaido) And after exiting the ferry terminal, I arrived at the entrance of the terminal.. The brown building in the background is a hotel.. Miyajima hotel?
Check out this pretty girl in traditional costume.. Choon thinks she's really pretty.. I had to take photo twice for him and he was so noisy... The first time he couldn't stop complaining how bad he looked.. and the photo is a waste since the girl is so pretty.. and the second time he complained the girl didn't smile nicely, so she ain't so pretty liaoz.. bla bla bla.. Choon arh.. you very ma fan leh..

And as the titles mentioned, there are deers roaming EVERYWHERE on Miyajima.. This one is the friendliest... Mainly cuz its too lazy to react.. So I did all sorts of shots with the friendly deer.. Hahaha...
The deer on the bottom right has grown its anthlers.. Cool right? But it does look fiercer...Did I say the deers are such a glutton they eat everything including paper ? One of them ate my map!!

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