Sunday, 17 February 2008

17th February 2008 Part 2: Sogo

Excuse me for another late entry.. Too busy to blog.. Plus I've gotten so lazy i need to eat a lazy-free pill.. Always sleeping more than 8 hours everyday.. As you saw in the previous entry, I went to Science Centre in the morning.. And now, I shall introduce you the nearest shopping centre from my apartment.. Just a 8 mins cycle..

SOGO is pretty much well known for their basement of food samples.. As usual, the display of food was bedazzling me.. Except its too expensive.. Look at the mochi creams!! ITs $2 plus for one of it!!! But its realy tasty.. The boss at Maison Rabelais treated me to it before.... On the 8th floor or whatever floor it is, I see a cute display of dawgs!!!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!!

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