Sunday, 17 February 2008

17th February 2008 Part 3: Daimon City

After the trip at Sogo, Choon and I returned for a little rest before we met Jackie, Ian and Ookubo for dinner at Daimon City.. Daimon City is pretty big.. Its a smaller version of our Vivo city though... :P

Ian bought us for this dinner at a Chinese style restaurant.. Choon ordered some Chinese set.. Think its some fried chicken set.. I din order since i was still full from my food samplings at sogo.. So, I ordered an almond tofu!!! Yummy!!!!
Ian and Jackie (the pretty gal in the picture below) had a Shabu Shabu buffet dinner.. Coincidently, Jackie stays two blocks away from me and Choon.. :P
And here's us after dinner.. This is the young Ford gang.. Hahhaa.. Everyone here is below thirty!! Hahahaha.. From left to right: Choon, Me, Ookubo and Ian.. Ookubo lives pretty near us, so we get to hitch a ride in his car sometimes.. Lol.. lucky us..
We went to this shoe shop.. And i spotted this Adidas shoe which I think Dave might like..I had some intentions to buy it though.. But just decide to keep my options open.. :D

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