Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 4: かき祭り

One of the top reasons why we chose to come Miyajima today was for the かき祭りaka Oyster festival.. So there were a lot of these little stalls.. Its kinda like a smaller version of our 'Pasar Malam' Please observe this 大根(Dai-kon) also known as Radish.. Think there's alot of emphasis on the 大.. Haha.. This is S$3 and we had to queue for this pathetic but tasty fish cake with oyser inside.. and its fried!! Wahaha.... Its shaped in the shape of a maple leaf, called もみじ (Momiji) The maple leaf seems to be the prefecture plant for Hiroshima perfecure, so many things in Hiroshima are named after もみじ.
And since this is an oyster festival, bbq-ed oysters are one of the must eats at the festival, other than oyter in japanese curry, oyter udon, oyster ramen, etc..
Ever wondered how does wasabi really look like? Here's the famous nose clearing plant, Wasabi!!!! Ill never eat it.. It spoils the taste of food.. :S

There's Japanese pancake and of course I wanna try it.. It looks so good!!!!
The background is this stage with someone singing... There's alof of performance going on.. think its to keep the pple queueing for their food entertained...
This is my pancake!! Wanna share? HEhe.. I love pancakes!!! Especially when they're hot!!!

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