Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 2: Miyajima Port 宮島口

After buying our ferry tickets which costs 640 yen two way(SGD$8.64), we took a walk around the Miyajima Guchi to take photos.. Besdies, the queue was kinda long since everyone was here for the 牡蠣祭り(Kaki Matsuri=Oyster Festival) It appears that there were many soft serve ice cream everywhere on Miyajima and Miyajima guchi.. There were many flavours available too!!! Each soft serve is more than 300 yen, which is the SGD$4, the price of our uzumaki ice cream in bugis.. Boy do I miss bugis.... But since I'm on a budget trip, I shall settle for this big plastic one..
This is the "ootori gate" you saw in the previous entry... Not that big eh? Haha...
Welcome to Miyajima.. This is the map of the beautiful island.. And there's the Ootori gate! I wonder something.. What is on the other side of the island?
And we boarded the ship!! The queue was long, but its was fast boarding the ship!! thumbs up to the ferry efficiency!!! Can you see the Ootori gate in the backgound?

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