Sunday, 17 February 2008

17th February 2008 Part 1: Children's science centre

Chong and I woke up for another day of fun. Well, Choon Fei didn't exactly enjoy himself.. Cuz he thinks Singapore's Science Centre is better. I can't deny that, but the entry fee was free! And there is a planetarium like our omni-theatre, except that its not so action pack. It did picture a very nice stary sky though.. But Singapore Science Centre is indeed better in every way.. But I shall not complain because its free.. Haha..

The centre picture in the first row is actually me in a playground.. The playground stated its for kids under 8.. So big fat Claire had to squeeze in.. The top row right picture and centre row left picture is the planetrium.. The centre picture of the bottom row is the sports centre.. :D
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