Monday, 11 February 2008

8th and 9th Feb 2008: Harsh cold winter

8th Feb 2008: PoOr Ear

Could you see the stream of blood from my ear? I had ear injuries few days back and it has yet to recover.. And I woke up finding blood dripping out from my ear..
I still had to work nonetheless.. But I managed to catch one of the rare days when the temperature is less than zero on the temperature display screen.

After a day of work, I accompanied Hiromi-chan to buy chocolates for V-day.. :) So we went different places to check out chocolate.. The display of chocolate in the different department stores was pretty bedazzling.. The chocolate in the top left of the collage is from Reiko-san.. She say she bought it for me cuz I'm like alone here in Japan and there is no one to give me chocolates for V-day, so she decided to buy me a small box of chocolate.. And its this nicely printed chocolate!!

Den it was Maison rabelais at night for me and I found Mirai-san making this picture on a block of white chocolate... ITs so amazing!! She drew it using chocolate and coloured it with coloured gel!!

These are the chocolates from Maison Rabelais.. The cakes on the bottom right was from Mirai-san.. She save me some of the scraps they had from making the cake.. So nice of her.. :)
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