Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 1: The 25km cycle

Choon and I woke up super early on this beautiful sleepy Sunday.. As beautiful as the Sunday was, the cold was slightly more tolerable by Choon's preference, but unbearable by my standards.. We were heading for Miyajima, Japan's third favourite Tourist attraction. Its basically an island on the South of Hiroshima City.. So Choon and I cycled our way there to save the 600yen(S$8) on train trip there.. Its 25km!!! It sounds not so far, but believe me.. cycling in the cold makes this distance seem so much furthur..
As popular as everyone knows KFC, I think its not that popular here.. This is like the second one I've seen.. But its not so common to see a KFC house standing on it own like that right? On top of that, there is a drive through! Oh, by the way, cehck out that Mazda car in the background.. Hiroshima is like the only place I know where Toyota doesn't dominate the car market..

Any idea why I'm taking photos with these two man? Well, Choon and I kinda skip a red light at one of the smaller crossings.. And.. we were caught by the Traffic police!!!!! The bicycle Traffic Police!!! They were in this van, which had a loud hailer on the top of the van and it said:"そこの自転車が止めてください。止めてください" Which means The bicycles over there, please stop, please stop. Urh.. We were like huh? What was that.. :P Apparently we were 3/4 on the way to Miyajima, but the problem is that we were so dazed and tired we din notice the red light.. Ok lar, we were just plain lazy to wait at a road with no cars.. But after abit of struggle wth my horrible standards of Japanese, we were let off with a warning.. We surprised the Bike Police by asking for a photo shoot with them!! Hahaha.. Look at the man on the right! :P

After all our cycling, We were almost at Miyajima Guchi 宮島口。。 The train you see behind is for inter areas travelling.. So we waited at the crossing and took another shot! :P

Tada!!! I'm at 宮島~
Well, not exactly.. 宮島 is an island.. And As you can see, I'm only the Miyajima port... So this structure is just a landmark of Miyajima called the Ootori gate.. The Port has its shelters designed to look like the ootori gate.. :P So you can see its really quite pretty.. But this is only 1/5 the size of the real ootori gate...

Look at how messy my hair turned from the 25km cycle... Yawnz... In case you're wondering, I am wearing a wig.. :D

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