Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 8: Walking in the small Alleys of Miyajima

Ooops... Choon caught a picture of me wiping my drool from looking at the momiji manju. The momiji manju is one of the famous produce in the prefecture of Hiroshima. Its basically a cake shaped like a maple leaf. The taste? Hmmm Tastes like our kueh buloh except there are fillings such as red bean, custard etc.

I was quite amazed withhow industrialised the momanji manju process became.. So, I made a video for everyone to see how the process goes... Each of this maple leaf shaped cakes cost about SGD$0.90

Think you would have heard the miss pronounciation.. I said momiji manji.. lol.. Well, it was thx to choon for my miss pronounciation.. BUt its called Mo-mi-ji Man-ju

This is the world's largest rice paddle.. In case you are wondering wad is this bis rice paddle used for, it can't be used.. Its just for you to be amazed that its a rice paddle that big.. Looks more like a table, or a pizza pan...
Hello!!!! Kitty... -_-''' I'm making myself cold.... But Miyajima has its own chain of Hello Kitty produce as you can see below:
Since I'm here, one of things that should not be missed out is the Oysters!!!! We're here for the Oyster festival, but we ate the oyster at one of the local shops instead.. Oysters are another famous produce in Hiroshima.. In particular, Miyajima.. You can actually see the oyster farms floating on the sea like our kelongs...
But these beauties don't come cheap.. These fresh barbequed oysters cost 400 yen for two. That's $5.40 for two mini pieces of meat!!! But its a must eat though... They're really tasty!! :POyster for you? I'll sell you mine for $6..

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