Sunday, 10 February 2008

10th Feb 2008 宮島Miyajima Part 9: Ootori(大鳥)Gate is Accessible!!!!!

Choon and I walked along the paved coast of Miyajima and from a distant, we saw something that made us jump for joy!!!

Did you notice something weird here? There are people at the base of the Ootori gate!!! And on top of that, the ootori gate tands on the sand!! Not floating in the middle of the sea!!! Apparently the tide has receded and the Ootori gate was available for touching and wish making and of course, photo taking!!!

Did I Tell you guys I'm a growing monkey? Apparently, I grew tall enough to grab the arch of the Ootori!

While we're taking photos, we decided to catch a shot of the two famous Miyajima landmarks.. The Ootori gate and the Momiji Manju.. Yes.. I know, I'm such a glutton...

Well, the Ootori is seriously very big.. The usual ones are low enough for you to grab the arch...
There are alot of sea creatures growing in the submerged part of the Ootorii gate.. So what people here do is they put coins in these little slots to make wishes. I guess the rule here is if it does not float away, your dreams may come true.. Or maybe it would carry your dream to where it should be.. BUt I'm not so sure.. No tour guide eh? But these are the usual stuff you get to hear from the tour guides ya?

Here's my wish!! I'll spread mine via the internet.. Stingy me only used one yen! HAha..
As you can see, the sun is about to set.. Since the time is approaching 4.30.. Strange eh?
A little boy found a tiny crab and Choon and I had to take a photo of it.. Its so small... And the hand probably is the size of a 5 year old kid.. So you can imagine the size eh?
Check out how big the Ootori gate really is...
Miyajima: Japan's top three Scenic Spots... Go find out what are the other two...

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