Tuesday, 15 January 2008

14th January-Adult's Day in Japan 成人の日

Its adults day in Japan!!!! Well, basically on this day, its a celebration for all people who turn 20 years old this year. Adults day occurs on the second monday of January every year. So this year, it happened on a Monday! I saw alot of girls in Kimono, and guys in Hakama.The Japanese are kinda shy, So i couldn't catch any pthoto WITH them.. SO I kap-poh the photos from other peopl's site..

Den Choon Fei and I nua-ed at home and especially cuz I'm too tired to go out.. Den We went Yamada Denki to use internet again cuz I dun have internet connection.. Roar!!! Must wait one month to process applicaiton adn my application havent even process lor.. u noe why? Cuz I haven't gotten my Alien Cert.. Yesh... Foreigners are called Aliens in Japan..

Choon Fei=Lucky man. cuz he can tap other people's network in his room well without having to stand in the cold balcony like me.. Yesh.. Please pity me.. My internet only comes on Feb 25th.. Roar!!!

So after our internet usage at Yamada Denki, I cooked curry for Choon Fei since he bought the wrong pack. He tht it was one of those ready made curries.. But its those you have to cook..

The temperature of the electric stove in our apartment is damn low.. The rate of heating up also quite slow.. So I learnt my lesson. Leave the pan on the stove for 10 mins before you start cooking anything.. Cuz the Japanese curry was like Tom Yam initially..Den after probably 30 mins, the curry finally thickened...

and tada! My bento for tomorrow...

Pictures of the day are taken by Choon Fei! :D

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