Sunday, 20 January 2008

20th Jan 2008-- Rainy Sleepy Sunday in 十日市

great big apologies for the super outdated blog.. the absence of internet in suncourt simply made my life in Hiroshima inconvenient... I had to come Yamada Denki everytime I wanted to blog.. And.. The key board here sux!! *(

This entry would be really short since I need to run off to meet akiko san.. at Yokogawa..
Remember I told you how fresh fruits in Japan were?? I was lucky to get strawberries at 398 yen($5.40) .. So i had a hearty breakfast of fruits in my cosy room since there was rain in Hiroshima city..
This apple was 98yen($1.30).. Its the lowest quality of apple I have seen in Japan so far.. So I guess you can imagine the better ones.. ;P

Eggs here are expensive too.. About $2 for 10? Actully not very ex, but slightly more ex.. \but the yolks are extra yellow, shell is white and much harder.. wonder why...
My Lunch was microwave pack Oyako don and instan noodles.. Boo hoo..

I made Yaki Soba for dinner.. Doesn't look appetising though.. but had to made do with what I could find..

Oh well, will try to blog more entries.. But you can check out the facebook albums in the left panel while waiting.. bye!

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