Monday, 21 January 2008

21st Jan---Presents!!!

Oinky bought me presents!!! For this 23rd anniversary.. Oinky got me two presents!!!! First on the list is an IPOD earpiece!!!!! ITs real!!! Please, I know he is in China, but China does sell genuine goods.... And my favourite character...... Stitch!!!!
This picture is the best of both worlds for me... I wonder if 淳子 (not sure if it is the right kanji) could see... The chinese characters is pronounced as Junko.. Junkosan is Hashimoto san's wife.. And..The cute adoring couple loves loves loves stitch!!! Just like me!!! :D

This was the pudding I had for night snack.. Hehehe... Shldn't be indulging though.. Should be saving money.. But it wasn't as good as I expected though...

Melon Pan!!!!! Its really different from our Polo Bun(波羅麵包).. It has a more sugary texture... :D.. More on the sweet side too... I think I prefer Crystal jade's polo bun.. I miss polo buns!!! :(

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