Thursday, 17 January 2008

17th Jan 08-One week anniversary in Hiroshima

Well, its one week since i touched down in Hiroshima.. with all the hustle and bustle from work, i was so hungry by the time dinner came.... Think Lunch was simply insufficient... but oh well... It was another meal at つくし (Tsukushi)

Since Chong-san wanted to return to our apartment, Suncourt Toukaichi, to change, I proceeded to tsukushi to wait for him and to order first... He wanted a soba hiroshima-yaki.. and here it is..Yahz... Chong san added alot of mayo and cut it into loads of pieces.. The uncle, Masaki-chan always put in effort in making hiroshima-yaki for us.. or at least that's what he says.. But I can't agree more.. cuz Masaki-chan was still making the mountain of okonomiyaki for us by the time chong san had the mad idea of coming in shorts and slippers.. he scared yuki-chan whom i assumed is masaki chan's wife... *touched*
I ordered a negiyaki, which is made of leeks instead of the usual soba, rice or udon.. Let's nt forget the Mayo...
'jya!! itadakimasu!!!'See? told you chong san siao liaoz.. ran here in shorts and slippers for the thrill of it.. and he was like `song bo?' diaoz** but nice to hear him joke since he's always so serious...
but poor me was still not full from my negiyaki... but masaki-chan came to the rescue!!! He treated me to a bowl of.... Azuki!!!!!!
The azuki totally wrapped my meal.. i love sweet stuff, but the not so sweet azuki had the right sweetness to bring out the flavour of the japanese red beans without being too sweet... and the mochi inside was a compliment with its chewiness...

With compliments from... Masaki-chan

I love tsu-ku-shi!!

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