Tuesday, 22 January 2008

22nd Jan 2007--Work as usual.. But loads of small bites

There was nothing I could have for breakfast, so I bought "I'm expiring today" bread from the nearby supermarket(Apanda) since there will be discounts on "I'm expiring today" bread early in the morning. For example, this bag of brown sugar flavoured buns has a 30yen discount, so its 78 yen($1.05). But you can look at the expiry date..
The hot cakes became 65yen($0.88) after discount. This tasted really good though.. I popped it in the company microwave and it tasted better than hotcakes from MacDonalds...
Lunch was once again my pathetic bento.. Ipopped an egg in my water boiler.. So I got myself hardboiled egg!!! The thing on the left is just rosti..
The bento lunch was pathetic.. But there's always お土産 from Reiko who seats opposite me... Look at this... It looks so good.. Its like or Kueh Lapis... Except it tasted like banana.. :D But the box was really nice.. You think people would keep the boxes since they are pretty enough to be re-used.. But wrong... The box went straight to the recycling bin...
Earlier on, my newest best friend in Japan, Akiko-san, whom everyone calls Ose-san, made cookies!!! Check out the cookies below^_^ Looks good ya?
(Clockwise from green cookies: Green cookies are Matcha cookies, followed by Raisin and lastly, Chocolate walnut!) Akiko-chan is seriously the nicest person to me in Japan.. (Choon Fei is so jealous of Akiko!! haha... ) In fact, without considering Japan, she is actually one of the nicest people I have met in Japan... She helps me around in the office, treats me when I have no money for food.. A friend like her is so hard to come by... On top of that, she's pretty too!!! Wanna see her pic? Haha.. You will have to wait! :P

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