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Hiroshima 12th Jan and 13th Jan

13th Jan 2008, sunday

Its my wondersul sunday in Hiroshima.... we cycled in the peace memorial park... i'll promise an entry on that k? Started with another morning at the internet cafe, uploading photos etc.. There are loads or these food displays in hiroshima...

Aftera quick lunch... yes... this is my bento from the sushi i could not finish yesterday... we tried to cycle from the place where we lived, tokaichi to a corner of hiroshima...

When i say corner,

I really mean corner...

Choon Fei said this place was totally suitable for I AM LEGEND's filming..

See? can play golf.. like will smith

but we really cycled to the corner where there is a sea...

after that, it was a visit to the soka museum... choon fei had to watch the ideo by the sensei there.. no photos allowed there... so too bad!! Hashimoto san treated us to another dinner... tis was almost 40 dollars for four plates of wad i am holding..

Junko san has an armani wallet (which is real not like mine). she loves it... cuz hashimoto san got it for her!!! haha...

12th Jan 2008, saturday

Japanese Lessons and dinner with Hashimoto san and Junko san

This is the first japanese lesson i will be having here.. Its at the blue building, called crystal plaza.. there is a bicycle carpark.. so choon fei and I parked our bicycles here.. Lessons were held at the hiroshima international centre.. we have to pay membership fees of 2000 yen for our lessons... think its quite reasonable except that the lessons were pretty hard to comprehend, since the teachers here use japanese to teach japanese..
This is my japanese teacher, 南浦呂介 its pronounced as "minami ura ryo suke"After lessons, it was another trip for Choon fei and me to the internet cafe... again, we wun have internet till Feb 21st... at least we have unlimited access at the internet cafe which serves a drink everytime we come... Choon Fei had two bad experience of drinks liaoz.. think he will never try another drink here... haha.. his furst drink was the onion soup which he could not take the ajinomoto inside... the second drink was the calpis which he felt tasted like medicine...
I bought a donut from mister donuts finally.. it tasted less oily compared to the ones in singapore

After that, we rushed home to meet Hashimoto san and his wife, Junko san...

They treated us to a super expensive meal.. tihnk every dish costed 10 plus in Singapore

This is あゆAyu, duck meat

This is Kuro mame 黒豆, black bean.. its sweet like red beans.. and...There is gold dust on it..interesting right?

this is sashimi moriawase, 刺身盛り合わせ
The freshness of the sashimi here is totally undescribable... The fish is extra soft, and the sea taste is totally not present..

This is yasai tempura, 野菜 てんぷら.

There is no prawns inside though... cuz its not 蝦 てんぷら 

This dish here is called dai nippon jin, 大日本人

Its this mochi like rice ball with rice crispies coating..

This is simply sushi, need I say more? but the ungai one is really good... toally different from the ones we eat... can feel the bones in it.. the one in yellow is uni, sea urchin(not puffer fish).. and the one next to it... its interesting... its fish's balls... no fish balls.. junko san was like:'the thing only man have'

this is toriniku, 鶏肉, chicken meat...

this is a super fresh fish called aji..

this is the super flat fish we ate a maki from... the fish is seriously lying with one side of its body on the tank's bottom...
This is uni, うに the sea urchinYes... its cold in japan...
but i still cannot resist ice cream!!
photo with chef and waiter!!

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