Friday, 18 January 2008

18th Jan 08-ごちそうさまでした=gochisousamadeshita

This is my pathetic breakfast..Think you can gauge how big my bowl is.. But the noodles considered somehitng more affordable.. a pack of 5 from daiso, the 105yen shop=$1.40this is probably the only place that sells cheaper stuff than Singapore since the daiso in singapore is $2. Daiso here sells everything.. see the pink cup with my potato croquette? Si han!! its silicon bakeing cup!! 2 for $1.40!! so cheap right?? got other types of moulds too!!! *D will help you buy!! But after a day of work, I followed Choon Fei to his SGI meeting.. And after that, it was another treat from Hashimoto-san.. yup! the title means its a treat!!!
We were at a yakitori shop.. and dearest hashimoto san ordered alot of stuff!!!
Imagine three plates of each of the above and each plate being about $5 plus.. you can do the math how much the treat costed.. but hashimoto san really dotes me and choon fei.. its really sweet... the hospitability we received from hashimoto san is non comparable... please do not assume he is rich though.. he has a humble background..
And we had loads of photos with Hashimoto san and the SGI members!!! Hashimoto-san is literally my father in Japan I cannot resist calling him otousan..
Here we all are.. huddling together!!

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