Sunday, 13 January 2008

Hiroshima 11th Jan 2008

Here's my second day in Hiroshima.. we started with going to the office.. So we are prepared.. but its just a brief meeting.. on a friday..
So after the meetin in the offce, we proceeded to Hondori.
Look at that sign board!!

Any way, its time for lunch.. So we saved money buying a bun each.. Choon Fei bought 2 pizza bun.. he deems anything more than $2 here expensive..
I had a meat bun!!
This is the corridor of mirrors outside the toilet...
Again, my shop!!! its actually an american based shop...
You wanna know why I say donut factory is nothing?

Look at this!!

Look at the sky!! Its only 5pm This is 6pm... Haha..
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