Tuesday, 15 January 2008


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But too bad! I cannot shout... office abit quiet.. Hehe..)
I seriously cannot believe how well things are starting to change for me!!!!!

1. My precious laptop is back!!!!
2. Japan is really nice!!!!!
3. I have a very nice supervisor!!!! ( He showed me the snow picture (above) he took on 1st Jan when there was snow outside his house in Hiroshima!!)
4. Dave will come and find my in Japan soon
5. Things I lost are finding its way back to me!!!
6. Think I'm losing weight more than ever!!! (mummy thinks I'm too thin on the 3G call!! Haha!!)
7. I have free access to 50Mbps broadband at the internet cafe and March and April internet usage is free!!
8. There is a free drink everytime I go to the internet cafe!!!

Only problem would be that I still miss loads of people back in Singapore, my dogs at home and most importanly, my Oinky Dave...

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