Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Whoever you are, who took my laptop, please return to me.. Please call me at 90054080.. I'm willing to pay the price you will sell to second hand dealers. Please please return to me.. My hard drive and more than a million precious data is inside. I need the com really very badly and I cannot stop crying. I bought a new phone and I cant use it cuz the installation disk is in the laptop. I know you will see this. Please please please return the com to me. I will pay you the price second hand dealers pay you. Please return to me. I have undergone more than I can take the past year and I can't take losing my laptop and my precious hard drive. You see the cute dog wall paper? That is my puppy. All the puppy photos I have are in the com and there is no other way I can retrieve that. Please have a heart and return. I have made a police report and they will check the CCTV of the toilet you got my com from. If you return soon, we'll all be happy and no one will be harmed. If the police manages to track you down, it will be considered stealing. The security guards at the AMK hub are keeping a look out for you. Please call me at 90054080. I'll call the whole thing off and pay you money. Please call my mother a 97279123 if you decide to return me after Thursday cuz 'm going Japan. Please return me. I'll be flying Japan and I cannot contact anyone while i'm there becasue I have no laptop. If I flew, I will get my mum to pay you money.

In the event you decide to buy a charger and use the com for yourself, I'll pay you for the charger even.. Please return the laptop to me....

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