Saturday, 12 January 2008

Thank you for seeing me off!!!!!

9th Jan 2008 Been so busy the night before..baking these cupcakes for my bosses in Japan and also for the people i will be meeting in Japan.. I wrote the words "Hajimemashite" very nicelt.. *P

first, i wanna say a very big thankyou to everyone who saw me off on the 9th of Jan at T3.. They are...

Auntie May, Grandma, mum and Dad (who totally had no intentions of sending me off but wanted to go home immediately)
uncle and auntie, dave's wonderful parents who came so specially.. Dave's mum even bought me nougat!! They stayed till the end and showed me more love than my own parents..
The wonderful friends from Aero(left to right):janan, yuan sheng, vic(surprised me!!),dingzhi, me, mango(nt from aero), aaron, gun kiat, qiyao(towering over si han), si han, and babe (haha.. babe!!)
The sannin!! thx for coming!!!

Dearest Baking KAki
I love this photo of the love birds..Samuel.. who came with a very nice present.. damn funny.. he gave me a luggage tag cuz i'm always losing things... but thx sam!! you're so sweet!! but true lar.. i'm always losing tihngs
I ran into auntie nicole inside check in @T3.. she was going shanghai.. abt the same time as my flight..

Got a photo of the toilet inside T3!! haha..

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