Tuesday, 15 January 2008

15th Jan 2008-First Day of Work

After my 5 days in Hiroshima, I finally started work.. Day one was pretty much orientation.. Tell us what and wat not abt this company.. Den we met different people in the compay and they shared their experience with us..
Den.. after that, it was back to Yamada Denki.. Choon Fei and I got quite sick of the buildings repeating song.. it always ended with a kid saying 'yamada denki ii!' which meant yamada denki is good. the keyboard at the internet cafe drives me mad... i mean it.. I could not resist a donut from mister donut. So i bought myself a strawberry custard french which was 136 yen, about $1.80.. that was my dinner.. lol..save money lar..
But how can I eat so little? So i bought ice cream!! this is not so bad.. its 82¥which is like $1.10 Maybe due to winter, ice cream is cheaper.. ahha...its so cold i can bring the ice cream from the supermarket to my apartment and it stays like that!!

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