Friday, 11 January 2008


yup!! I`m in Hiroshima now..

The title reads as "ko-n-ni-chi-wa!! hiro-shima-ga-to-te-mo-i-i-to-ko-ro-de-su!!" which means "Hello!! Hiroshima is a very nice place!!" To say this fluently, you say:"konni chiwa!! hiroshima ga totemo ii tokorodesu!!"

Well, I have loads of photo to show my blog readers.. But internet here takes one month to complete approval procedures. So, as a result I have no access to internet in my beautiful room for one month. But I think I might drop by the internet cafe again (Yes.. I`m in an internet cafe now) tomorrow to upload my photos for everyone's viewing pleasure.. despite the long wait for the internet set up, there are loads of pls points for registering for the internet here:

1. First 2 months of internet are free
2. We have free unlimited access to internet cafe in Yamada Denki (An Electronics building)
3. Internet cafe serves a cup of drink everytime we are here
5. Speed is 50Mbps
6. Price is Singapore Comparable (about 5898 yen) which is about 80 dollars (Yes.. Its ex... but look at the speed!! Its scary!!)

Well, That's all for now.. I'm sure I'll wow Everyone tml!!!!

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