Sunday, 8 June 2008

広島の夏祭り~Hiroshima no natsumatsuri~Summer Festival in Hiroshima Continued... とうかさん!!!

Apparently, the summer festival is known as toukasanとうかさん in Hiroshima, due to the temple toukasan とうかさん
The links which I provided give a good description of what the Summer Festival is really about.

Uchiwa, is the fan they're selling here.. So basically, The temple opens on this day and many people visit and send their wishes and prayers.Some buy amulets for blessings.. So I bought 2 too amulets for blessings.. So I bought 2 too!I bought one for Dave.. :D

After so many shoots, we returned to the festival and had more fun! Cotton Candy for 500 yen? That' $7!!!

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