Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Japan Trip Day 2 in Kobe-Part 3:Denmark House デンマーク館,Uroko House うろこの家, Yamate Hachiban House,  山手八番館 and Kitano Foreigner’s Club 北野外国人倶楽部

Next, we were at the Denmark house..

An interesting shop which sells interesting Mozart items.
Speciality wine..
A Chinese in a Denmark costume working in Kobe, Japan..

Behind is the Holland house, as you can see the windmill behind me..

The Yamate Hachiban House..

The Uroko House and Art Museum..

This is the Kitano Foreigner’s Club


After that, we slowly walk up a hill behind the Foreigner’s club, the yamate-hachiban house and the uroko house for a spectacular view of Kobe..

The Daifuku Miya temple.. which we were too tired to climb up to.. So we headed for the Teddy Bear Museum..


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