Sunday, 8 June 2008

Farewell Dinner with Hiroshima Papas 岸本さんと坂田さん

After all that activity from the festival and wearing yukata and watching baseball match, it was definitely dinner time.. Knowing the dinner was buffet at Hiroshima station's famous hotel, Tat-chan and I simply did not eat the entire day!! Sakata-san specialluy chose this restaurant because of me! Firstly because of my new found favourite food, Yakiniku.. He chose one with beef Teppanyaki!
On top of that, there was just a galore of food!!

I was gonna say farewell to my 'fathers' of Hiroshima.. So photos were a must! Plus! I was wearing Yukata!! Next reason why Sakata-san chose this place was becasue of the galore of fruits and dessert laying there for us!

There was also tea available in these cute jars.. From the looks of it, I dun think its cheap.. But I didn't try any.. Was too full to drink tea...
A kiss to my 'father' haha.. Well, its just for fun! I didn't really kiss!!
Stupid pose.. I know.. bleahz...

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