Saturday, 7 June 2008

広島の夏祭り~Hiroshima no natsumatsuri~Summer Festival in Hiroshima-浴衣着付け Yukata Wearing

The Summer Festival gives girls and guys to wear their Kimono.. I saw this bunch of friends who were having their outing and I simply had to take a photo with them!! Its so cool!!! They actually colour coordinated their Kimonos!! The girls will have their hair nicely done and the guys too!! The Summer festival gives shops the best opportunity to sell their Yukatas and its no exception for customers like me to buy the Yukatas too!! I bought my set for 4000¥, which is around SGD50.. But it includes the Obi帯、the 浴衣itself, a little matching bag, which is double sided so we could choose our favourite design, a pair of clogs, which I couldn't really fit in.. and oh! One more thing! a 扇子fan.. The paper bag I'm holding in this picture is actually my Yukata! But I definitely won't know how to wear one.. Its not easy and according to my friends in Japan here, many of the young Japanese girls dun know how to wear them either.. But thankfully, the kimono sale even includes 着付け!Which means Yukata wearing.. All we need was to make an appointment when we purchase the Yukata and voila! A lady would help us dress in Yukata in the third level of the boutique..

The lady chatted with me while helping me wear my Yukata and she has been to Singapore before!! Not surprisingly, she has seen our dear Merlion before!! But sadly, the Merlion is of no significance to Singaporeans.. In fact, ask any Singaporean what is most significant in Singapore which makes Singapore what she is, I would bet $100 that none out of 10 Singaporeans would say Merlion..

I wasn't the only one that day having the Kitsuke.. There were other girls coming for their appointments.. So I just made a few snaps and off I went!
And like I said that the Summer Festival includes street parades and dances and I caught sight of the performers outside McDonald's.. So....
I took photo with this really cool お婆さん(Obaasan), who had green hair and a really striking hairdo!!!
There these girls giving out candy on the street on behalf of a certain company to do some kind of publicity.. Usually we get Tissues, which explains why I never needed to buy Tissue while I was in Hiroshima.. I took Photos with them because the colours are vibrant and colourful1!! Its beautiful to wear Yukata eh? Too bad I can only wear them once a year at the 夏祭り in Singapore.. After my Yukata wearing, I went off to meet Mike-san, one of the Ford employees for the Baseball match which our dearest director gave is tickets to!!

Check out everyone wearing white and red to show their support for the Hiroshima Carps, which had the same colour identity as Singapore!! This felt so memorable cuz its like cheering in Cedar when the national track and field championships come!


22 said...

This is so cool man! It's always fun blending into local culture where ever we ended up in... and it's Japan! been 6 years... I should start planning a trip there again...

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

Yes you should!! Japan is always everyone's favourite place to be.. Everyone there is really kind and enthusiastic about keeping their traditions and cultures!