Thursday, 17 April 2008

17th April.. Sad sad day

Well, this day is basically one of the saddest day for me in Japan as I rememberd.. (Its two months ago?) Some matters of the heart happened, so dearest Akiko-chan took me out for lunch.. All I could have was a Teriyaki burger which costed 250 yen which is about $3.60 Sing, so no diff bahz..

And since I was sad, Akiko-chan saved me a waffle omiyage from Makihara-san.. And she saved me the cheese flavour because she knows I love Cheese!!!!
The day after, I had another omiyage snack.. Thanks to Reiko-san, the biggest receiver of gifts in the office.. SO I had a chocolate cake to drive the sadness away.. Now, that's what I call chocolate therapy.. :P

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