Friday, 11 April 2008

Chronicles of 豚姉妹 Part 2: Princess 豚姉: The Return to Fukuyama 福山

Sweetest Akiko-chan brought me back to her hometown, Fukuyama,which was also in Hiroshima prefecture, the second biggest city in Hiroshima Prefecture.. Hiroshima city is the biggest.. In case you're wondering what is 豚姉(Ton-shi) she's Akiko-chan.. HAha.. Yeah.. You have to read earlier entries to understand why she is called that..

Upon arrival, we were nicely welcomed by Akiko-chan's father.. He was waiting for us near the city hall where we alighted from the bus.. And we returned to a feast prepared by Akiko's mother.. There was great sushi and pork katsu sandwishes.. My personal favourite was 竹の子Takenoko, which is bamboo shoots.. The bamboo shoots in Japan is really different.. Its sweeter and has a slightly crunchy feel to it unlike the ones we have in Singapore which tends to be soggy..

And I saw something cute and amazing on Akiko-chan's fridge.. Not so much about the hanging Japanese charms, but if you look closely, you would see a Singapore fridge magnet!! Haha...
The king of Fukuyama was also the king of music.. Being such a music lover, Akiko-chan and her brother (Prince of Fukuyama) (I better stop my lameness..) had a guitar stand custom made for their daddy... I thought it was really cool and it was custom made!!! Wad more to ask?
My limited information of Chronicles of Narnia will increase via the next few entries.. Haha.. Check out Part 3 of Narnia.. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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