Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sign 2:アクセサリー 苑 (Accessorie en) and ギャラリーサイジ (Gallery Saiji)

Our next mission was shopping at this shop called 苑(en)

This shop specializes in making souvenirs out of preserved plants and flowers. Kurashiki has alot of different plants that are available only in specific seasons. The one I'm holding is a type of Ivy... After walking at 苑、we found a bigger shop called Gallery Saiji.. We spent quite at amount at 苑. Akiko-chan bought me a pair of earrings preserved from a type of flower called Camellia. 夏椿(Natsu-Tsubaki)

I'm not showing my earrings!! Hahaha.. I have been wearing it though.. Let's see who can spot me wearing those earrings in subsequent entries.. The flower is on this tree.. So I'm sure you can find it..

I bought a brooch and a pair of earrings for mummy and sister... Akiko-chan and I shared a gift for her お母さん.. It was an アジサイ(Ajisai) Hydrangea. Its really nice... In Chronicles of 豚姉妹 part XYZ, you will get to see them.. :D

These are the preserved flower goods from the shop.. Since each of these were hand selected from nature, there are no two exact same pieces... Isn't that special?

This is... Erm.... Erm... Ok.. I really dunno what is this.. 恥ずかしい (Paiseh)

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