Wednesday, 2 April 2008

First Week of April: The MaRk of Spring-Part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 春春春=桜

Since April is here, it was the time of Spring!! Say さよなら(Sayonara) to Harsh winters and いらっしゃいませ(Irrashaimase) to Spring!!!!!
When its Spring, we can't miss out on Japan's famous beauties!!! Sakuras!!! The trees that were bald all through out winter has bloomed!!!!! Filled with Flowers!!!! Any idea what's so different about Sakuras compared to the other plants we have? Well, in Singapore, our trees are filled with leaves, but here, the sakuras whould fill the tree the way leaves fill our trees.. When Sakuras are about to wither, the leaves would grow and you would see the green sakura tree no different from our rain tree!!!
Since its Sakura season, many things sold in Japan were in Sakura flavour.. For example, Akiko-chan bought this wafer like cream pastry and she shared two pieces with me!!! And the cream was sakura flavoured!!!

I know it wasn't long ago I had a treat from my dearest Akiko-chan, but she's every so nice to treat me again... What did I do??? To deserve a friend like Akiko-chan?? Boy am I lucky! So we went to the newest restaurant in town called Yayoiken that serves Japanese meals at reasonable prices!!!
We were both attracted to the same set meal called ミックスとじ定食 (Mikkusu Toji Teishoku) Mikkusu means Mix actually.. Haha.. This meal is really good.. The claypot had mixed fried stuff like pork, shrimp and chicken swimming in 3/4 cooked eggs.. It was served with cold 絹豆腐kinu tofu(I really mean raw cold tofu), rice and mis soup! They're actually quite smart at not wasting rice.. To prevent people from wasting rice, they serve rice in small portions.. Small portions of rice? What about people like Kian Ping? Well, thankfully, there is free flow of extra helping of rice!! Now you can eat as much rice as you like, but this is definitely one barrel of rice that Kian Ping cannot finish!!!
The new shop has so many customers!!! But the food is good and reasonable!!!

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