Saturday, 12 April 2008

Exit Sign

Yes.. I know.. I'm damn lame.. But it makes sense doesn't it? Exit sign.. Nonetheless, this is the route the 豚姉妹 took to get back to the JR station. The way we came from was quite different though.. We made a round around somewhere else..

This was a building within Ivy Square. We took a photo from the outside since the gate was close. It was interesting to watch it from the outside though. It looked dark and mysterious.
And a little walk furthur, we saw this quaint little garden.. It looked almost like an island on its own.. ain't that cool?
And after exiting Ivy square, we passed by an interesting 旅館(ryo-kan).
Its like a traditional Japanese style hotel.. So the staff inside were wearing Kimonos.. And the meals were eaten by kneeling down.. 痛いな。。 (I-ta-i-na) Which means painful..

Like I mentioned. These infrastructures are really unique to 倉敷 (ku-ra-shi-ki). Small grey square tiles glued side by side..
This is what we called 牡丹花. In Japanese, its called ボタン (Bo-tan).. In English.. Peony..

As you can see the photo is getting darker.. Indications of time to head home.. We were getting closer to the station.. So no worries there...

Just a snap with the gate of a temple.. you can see its closed... Time to return to 福山!

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