Sunday, 27 April 2008

Kyoto Part 4- Kyoto Tower 京都タワー

As tired as we were from yesterday's long day, I overslept this morning.. Poor Tat-chan and Choon had to wait for me to get ready.. So we went to a ramen restaurant for breakfast..Tat-chan and I didn't order anything much, just an ice cream each and Tat-chan ordered a plate of gyoza.. After breakfast, we headed for the the Kyoto tower.. This building is actually the Kyoto station where you would alight if you took the Shinkansen to Kyoto.. It reflects and show the facade of the Kyoto Tower.. So we parked the car and entered the elevator.. I had to take the picture with the elevator lady.. Its really special cuz nowhere else in the world but Japan have elevator ladies.. They would always wear a hat and a pair of gloves..
I received this piece of paper to get a souvenir stamp of the Kyoto Tower.. Actually every tourist destination in Japan has this stamping thing.. But I threw it away cuz I have mroe than enough rubbish to bring back to Singapore..

Subsequent photos are view of Kyoto from the kyoto tower.. This is the car park of the Kyoto station with loads of Taxis..

As you can see, there is a red barricade surrounding the observatory where we view kyoto..

After snapping at all the sky views, we took a few shots of each other and together, den we left Kyoto Tower..

This is the last destination for Kyoto.. Next stop Tokyo! Tat-chan and I parted with Choon here..

Kyoto Slide Show

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