Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sign 4:The Ivy Square

This is more or less the last part of Kurashiki that I visited. Its called Ivy Square.

Once a cotton cloth mill, this historic red brick building was renovated, and is now Ivy Square. The open square is encased by a two-story red brick building with beautiful ivy climbing the walls.

This is my top favourite spot in 倉敷.
Its the place where the East meets the west. So this entry has alot of photos!!!!

At the entrance of Ivy square is a candle making counter.. You can make your candle in any shape or pattern you like.

I found this well, which was carved from a stone entirely. So I tried to imitate 貞子.. Hope she wun hunt me tonight.

And This is Ivy Square itself with the Ivies crawling all over the building and red wall...
This part reminds me of our very own Raffles hotel though...
Here is the beer garden and at night there is beer buffet with food.. I think its like 2700 yen.. About SGD$40?

If you look at this picture, you will realise that there is something special in the background... Towering above the red wall... Its Sakuras!!!

If you ignore my hedious face, you will see some suffering turtles on the rock... Apparently the water is too cold for the poor turtles...

Don't ask me how the top turtle got on to the other. Its either someone played a prank on them, or the turtle was sleep climbing.. They look sad though.. :S

This setting is so nice!!! Except that there are other people in the picture.. If you notice the stairs in the background.. But nonethless, the red bricks really accentuates the European air in this palce...
I found this picture really special because of the weather cock on the top left corber if you noticed.. How often do you see a weathercock in the East? Well, at least I didn't..
Just love the windows... Makes me feel as though I'm at some secret garden cottage.. Remember when you were young and there were books like The Secret Garden? Was it by Enid Blyton or Someone else?
This is actually the entrance to the art museum of Ivy Square.. As you can see in the background, we have flags and a taxi! Wearing caps is actually part of Taxi driver's uniform here.. Take a close look at the driver's head..

Secret stairs to... Erm.... I have no idea where... But 亜貴子ちゃんwas worried someone would come and scold us.. So We had to take quick snaps of this place..

This is a bunch of cute statues outside the souvenir shop outside Ivy square... I thought this was really cute cuz I looked like one of them... -_-

I posted this photo to explain something about 桜 to my blog readers.. If you notice, there are leaves on this Sakura tree.. This is a sign of the Sakuras withering.. So the flowers would wither and the tree would be green..

Last photo before I exit Kurashiki Ivy Square! 亜貴子ちゃんwas commenting my body is so long she had problems fitting my bpdy into the frame of her camera.. Haha.. I shall take that as a compliment 褒め言葉


Time to walk back to the 倉敷JR station!

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