Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chronicles of 豚姉妹 Part 5: The Pig and Her Sister (BBQ Dinner)

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Completed in the spring of 1950 and published in 1954, The Horse and His Boy is the first of the books that does not follow the previous one sequentially; instead, it takes place during the reign of the Pevensies in Narnia, an era which begins and ends in the last chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The story is about Bree, a talking horse, and Shasta, a young boy, who have both been held (albeit separately) in bondage in Calormen, a country to the south of Narnia. By chance, they meet each other and plan their return to Narnia and freedom. On their journey they discover that the Calormenes are about to invade Archenland, and they plan to arrive there first to alert the King
Just to make it rhyme with Narnia's title.. Its actually a BBQ Dinner

So after our tiring 'voyage on the JR' , we walked home to a beautiful barbeque dinner!!! Mainly because we were eating in a beautiful garden.. As you can see the flowers planted by 亜貴子ちゃん's mother is simply a paradise in 亜貴子ちゃん's backyard.
And there are even Sakuras in 亜貴子ちゃん's garden... Aren't they beautiful?

And Barbeque!!!!! Eating fresh vegetables is such a great luxury for me.. Since I'm kind of deprived of fruits and vegetables here.. Its not that its so expensive I would die, ut I kinda got so thrift I feel I deserve an award.. I actually spend an average of $30 to $40 per week.. Less than what i spend in Singapore.. Maybe cuz I can't buy baking supplies? Hmmm...

The wonderful 尾瀬 (o-se) family that hosted me for a wonderful weekend in 福山.. (Fukuyama)

See any resemblance to 亜貴子ちゃん?Maybe her mum's beauty? :D
And the 豚姉妹!!!! (Ton shi mai)

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