Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tokyo Day 3 Part 1: Apple Pie and Trip to Shinjuku

After an entire night's effort, I finally made the Apple crumble pie!!!! This is the same recipe as the one I made at Akiko-san's place..
As you can see in this picture, there is actually two pies.. The one in front has the word 大久保Ookubo on it... The one behind says 竹内Takeuchi.. And I had another great breakfast from Ookubo-san's mum... Great frankfurt with omelette!!! I love Tamagoyaki!!!
After brunch, Tat-chan and I walked out to the bus stop outside his place to catch a bus.. His area's nearest station is called Koiwa.. So we will take a $3 bus out to the station... Which is like a 5 min ride?
And this is the bus in Tokyo... Its frequency is very low though... Pity...

After 5 min, we landed at the stop and walked towards Koiwa station... Look at all the shops in leading to the station!!!
The biggest expense would be transport... Since the Koiwa-eki 小岩駅 is on the 山の手線 Yamanote line, i think its slightly pricier, since it operates by the JR instead of the METRO... So basically, you put your money in, den press how many tickets you are buying and how much the destination costs.. And the ticket pops out!
Look at Tokyo's scary network,, This is like a simplified map.. The ocmplicated one is even worse.. On top of that, the number of interchange here is really alot... Scary much...

This is my ticket that would take me to 新宿.. This is like $5+?
Waiting for the train at 小岩....
And the train arrived! Not as nice as our local trains actually, but the seats are more comfy..
Some interesting girls I spotted... Look at her hair.. Cute hp accesory, striking polka dot bag, lacy skirt..
I'm a uniform fan and I love these japanese uniforms that they call 制服 sei fuku..

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