Saturday, 5 April 2008

Sakata-san's Ohanami!!!! お花見

Thanks to Sakata-san's wonderful invitation to an Ohanami at Mitsubishi Heavy industries, Tat-chan and I spent a great Saturday afternoon having fun!!!

Mitsubishi Heavy industry is the second biggest industry here in Hiroshima.. Mazda is the biggest here... But Ohanami at Mitsubishi heavy industry is definitely mouch more different!
As you can see in the background, there are many more people having picnic here... And its much livelier!!!

This is Sakata-san's grandchild... Ain't he cute?? He pretty much just slept through the entire day though.. Haahahaa...

See? Like I said, Sakura appreciation here is so much more different... The lands are filled with more people!!!! This ain't a good photo of Sakuras though...

I finally had the honour of meeting Sakata-san's wife (奥さん= o-ku-san) Japanese can be really confusing though... We would call someone else's wife okusan (pronounced oak-san) but that person would call their own wife 妻 tsu-ma. But if you look at the 漢字, you would realise it makes sense since you wun say qi-zi in Chinese when you refer to someone else's wife... And you can see the big mitsubishi sign in the background!!! Look at this thumb... Tat-chan seriously needs to work on his photography skilld.. Sakata-san's wife is really energetic for her age though.. Can you believe she is already 61 years old? She is actually the table tennis champion for the 60 years old category... same for sakata-san... So they're the tabletennis champion couple.. 卓球恋人。。haha...

For some reason, mitsubishi's ohanami had people cooking food and giving it away for free!!! :P Wahahaha.. Here, we have some young man barbequeing oysters and giving it away for free!!! And I think the goggles is a really good idea for barbequeing!!!

Free Oysters!!!!! Help yourself!!!!

Sakata-san's grandchildren brought this toy 玩具(o-m0-cha) which is has a ball attached to this wooden toy you see Tat-chan holding.. you basically swing and let the ball land on the wooden handle's ball pit..

This looks like its gonna land successfully?

Here is Tat-chan, me and the Sakata Family!!!!



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