Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sign 1:Along えびす通り(Ebisu Doori) of Kurashiki

So our first sign was to travel along Ebisu Street (えびす通り) Indicated by the darkblue line you see...

So our first quest was to walk along えびす通り(Ebisu-doori). There many authentic shops here that sells simple yet exquisite to Kurashiki stuff..

This bear reminds me of claire bennet from Heroes since Mr Bennet calls Claire bennet Claire Bear.. So here is Claire and the bear or Claire bear.. I'm so lame...

This is a Japanese style wall hanging.. The flowers are supposed to represent Sakuras I suppose...

I found a Kimono shop... Can you believe each of this can cost easily over 40,000 円?

That's almost SGD$500!!!

Not sure what this flower is called, but it sure makes me look like Santa claus' daughter...

We found this old time Japanese Candy Store.. Its like a Jap version of our Mama shop in Singapore..

It reminds me of the times when I was young.. There was so many candy in this store I remembered eating when I was young.. When I was in kindergarden, I used to follow mummy around to deliver meatballs..

When she makes trips to the marker, she would always give me a $2 note to my tidbits at the Tidbits shop in AMK Blk 628, which was sadly burnt down last year..

To introduce abit of Singapore to my friends in Japan.. I included a satellite view of my favourite AMK and showed my Junior College, aka 高校

Here is a little something cheaper than Singapore.. Japanese Pancake!!!! With Red bean inside!! I'm seriously in love with red bean ever since i came Japan.. And there are so many kinds of red bean in Japanese Culture.. This cost 60 yen, which is less than a dollar!!!

In Japanese cuisine, the most common types are:
Tsubuan (粒餡), whole red beans boiled with sugar but otherwise untreated
Tsubushian (潰し餡), where the beans are mashed after boiling
Koshian (漉し餡), which has been passed through a sieve to remove bean skins; the most common type
Sarashian (晒し餡), which has been dried and reconstituted with water

Red bean paste is used in many Japanese sweets, such as:
Anmitsu 餡蜜(an and jelly)
Anpan アンパン(an and bread) (アンパンマン!)
Daifuku 大福 (Muah-chee with ang dao inside)
Dango 団子 (Muah chee ball with ang dao on top..)
Dorayaki どら焼き(azuki bean pancake) (Doraemon's fave!)
Manju まんじゅう (Taste like Kuih Bahulu)
Oshiruko or Zenzai (azuki bean soup)
Taiyaki たい焼き (Fish shaped Japanese pancake with fillings inside)
Uirō 外郎(a traditional Japanese steamed cake)
Yōkan 羊羹(red bean jelly)

Here's the fire hydrant cover we found on the ground.. Not sure what is this called.. But i know its the things that Ninja turtles climb out from.. :S
Something that leads to the sewerage? Anyway, I took a picture of this cuz I thought it was really cute.. :P

Plus it had two piggys' feet on it...
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