Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Breakast from 亜貴子ちゃん and Bikkuri Donkey!!

Dearest Akiko-chan was so nice to buy me breakfast!!! Its green tea bread and its really good.. Icing on top of green tea bun with red bean filling.. This bun is really good.. Totally love the taste of green tea in this humble bun... :P
It was also a lesson at night in English for Sakata-san and he was nice enough to treat me to Bikkuri Donkey (Surprised Donkey?) The westernized setting of the place was really special and they have outlets all over Japan.
Here's my father in Japan, Sakata-san.. Haha.. He looks really young.. Admired by Ookubo-san.. ^^
And the meals was Awesome!!! Takoyaki, Salad, humburg steak and my favourite, Parfait!!!! Its a reallly nice meal with a setting of a western stable.. Quite interesting.. Not too expensive too.. Think its the price range of pepper lunch?

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